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Getting a chance to remove unwanted hair from sensitive body parts without going through so much pain is the desire of almost every other woman, which can be fulfilled via hard waxing. Its waxing gel stays on your skin and gets hard, breaking on itself. Thus, you don’t need to remove the wax painfully.

NKD Laser’s unique Brazilian hard waxing services have won many ladies’ hearts in Pickering, ON. Thanks to our team, whose skills and expertise in their work result in great reviews from our clients.

What is Hard Wax?


Unlike other wax, hard wax demands no pain tolerance. An expert will apply the gel to your body part and let it stay for a few minutes. Afterward, it will break off, and the wax expert will remove the remaining gel in the opposite direction of your hair growth.


Difference Between Hard and Soft Wax?


People’s mindset visualizes waxing as a process in which the professional pulls off strips, making you scream with your heart jumping into your mouth. However, that is a soft wax which is ideal for larger body parts like hands and legs.

In comparison, hard wax requires no waxing straps. The experts, in this case, remove the hardened gel almost painlessly. In soft wax, your initial skin layers are pulled off because of waxing strips, while hard wax is just limited to hair removal. Therefore, it is ideal for small body parts, like bikini areas and underarms.

Why Hard Wax is Beneficial?


Hard wax guarantees only minor pain and no hair on the body part. No use of waxing strips keeps your skin safe but don’t worry; you will get smooth skin too. As the gel hardens quickly, it is obvious that you will get free from our hair removal service soon. Hence, it won’t disturb your schedule.


Full Body Waxing at Our Place!


Getting rid for from body hair is somehow relieving for many of you, but it will include some pain. The process is the amalgamation of hard and soft wax with gels and strips to pull out hair from hands, legs, and back while hard wax will be used on sensitive areas like the face to keep your skin full of life.

We, at NKD Lasers, have fully trained waxers whose expertise and past experience with different clients ensure that you will get the desired result as they give importance to what you want from them.

With their time-management skills, you will get the best in the minimum time.

Brazilian Hard Waxing


Brazilian waxing is getting rid of unwanted hair from the whole pubic region from the bikini line to the vagina. Our specialized Brazilian hard waxers ensure to provide you the service with care to keep your sensitive body part undamaged. Their consciousness and expertise are why all customers are satisfied with our services.

Whenever you need to call us, we are right here to give you our services according to your schedule. You will be wholly facilitated at our spa.


Pickering, We are Always Here for You!


Our hard waxing services are always available for everyone in Pickering, where you can come for the soft and hard waxing at any time. Our professionals won’t disappoint you. The excellent quality products will be used because your safety is more important to us.

Ajax is Our Favorite Spot


Peaceful surrounding with the surety of using sanitizers and masks makes us the best salon in Ajax. You will be facilitated with other services, such as eyebrow waxing, hand and leg waxing, and others. Besides, the option is available to choose between hard and soft wax.


Whitby: Our Lovely Destination


From upper body to lower body wax, you are provided with all services with great care in Whitby. Our specialized team will provide you with a great waxing experience along with the best measures of hygiene.


Oshawa’s People are Always Welcomed


Being in the city’s center, our spa is commutable for everyone in Oshawa. The ladies and girls have the freedom to come at any time and get their hair removed from the underarms, back, neck, or any part they want to. Our hard waxing services can be used to get the brows and upper lips done fast.

Our Services are Always Affordable for You!


Full-fledged services with a reasonable cost are what we all want, and that’s what you get at our place. The availability of promo codes and discount offers for our loyal customers makes us the favorite of many of our clients as they can get the best for cheap. All you have to do is contact us or visit our site and social media daily. The more you are alert, the more you can save your money.


Will there be ingrown hair after hard waxing?

Obviously no! The hard wax gel pulls out hair from the deep inside, leaving only follicles behind. But if the waxer is unprofessional, there will be ingrown hair. So, always choose a professional waxing salon like NKD Laser.

Can we do eyebrows with hard wax?

Yes, of course. Our face has sensitive skin; therefore, hard wax is suitable for eyebrows and upper lips. You can even go with hard waxing to remove hair from the nose.

Why is oil applied before hard waxing?

Oil works as the barrier between skin and waxing gel. It does not let the gel harm and pull off your skin.

What is the difference between hard and sugar waxing?

Sugar wax does not get hard, unlike hard wax, which gets hard and pulls out hair with zero pain.

More Services

Laser Hair Removal

Elite+ laser system, the best laser hair removal, eliminates the need for shaving or waxing with just a few sessions.


  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Brows - $17
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $22
  • Chin - $12
  • Neck - $15
  • Cheeks - $10