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Pointed edges with a sharp outline can make your eyebrows look PERFECT. And these perfect eyebrows can enhance your feature and make you feel beautiful from top to bottom. That’s why we all are so crazy about our eyebrows and look for eyebrow threading services to get the brows done as soon as possible. We have been proudly serving Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, and Oshawa, ON for years!


NKD Laser has the solution to your problems with the help of its trained and experienced staff, whose hands are no less than a magical wand. After all, they know how to maneuver your brows with thread and wax strips. You just need to call us, and we will be there at your service, as nothing is more important to us than your comfort.


We want you to wear confidence as your true makeup. But this makeup needs some prior support such as fine eyebrows, and we are here to be that support system for you!

What Is Eyebrow Threading?


As the name says, eyebrow threading involves a thread that our specialists twist over your unwanted hair to squeeze the strands between the two sides of the twisted thread. Later, they squeeze the thread enough to pull them off the follicle, giving you clean and delicate eyebrows with pointed arches and trendy shape.


Unlike waxing, threading is chemical-free. Our specialists want to keep your skin from chemicals. They just use simple thread and powder in order to ensure that nothing during the eyebrow threading process would harm you.

Why Do You Need Eyebrow Threading?


Waxing could save time, but what about the pain you go through when the eyebrow specialist pulls off the strip and it feels like your skin is ripped? Besides, what if you face that pain and still see some ingrown hair above the arch?


Is it worthy to face that pain then?


No, obviously.


Threading, that’s why, is the ideal solution. Besides giving you little shots of pain, in this technique, specialists remove hair row by row, due to which you will get the perfect brow shape, and slow hair growth afterwards is also guaranteed.

Eyebrow Threading Services Ajax


Ajax is the hub of ladies, and when there are ladies, there is a need for parlors and eyebrow bars.


NKD is here for every lady to shape her brow with their eyebrow threading services. Our professionals listen to your needs and want before picking up a thread to shape your brows. They want to know what you want. If you need help, they are 24/7 available for assistance.


Besides, giving you suggestions about brow shape is their favorite task. Your opinions will not go unheard as they will respond in the form of their suggestions, wrapped in their experience and personal taste.

Scarborough, Pickering, Whitby ON


We provide premium eyebrow threading in these regions too. We want to ensure that women feel confident with their facial neatness and beauty in as many regions as possible. Our natural eyebrow shape fixing will do the job safely without using any chemicals on your skin or face.


What is better, threading or waxing?

Threading gives a perfect shape to your brows, but waxing can swipe off all unwanted hair in less time. However, the ideal way is to ask the specialist to wax the unwanted hairs and then use thread to outline the shape.

What to do after full-face threading?

If your skin is sensitive, be careful. It would be great if you won’t touch your face and avoid other treatments and facials.

What are the benefits of threading?

Threading requires no chemicals. Besides, it is less painful, and your brow shape will be too good because our staff members treat every hair carefully.

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  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Brows - $17
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $22
  • Chin - $12
  • Neck - $15
  • Cheeks - $10