Eyebrow Waxing

A tiny thick and one more strand of hair above the eyes in the bush can make a face look awful, and if you pluck more than one strand, your face won’t be less funny than a joker’s. That’s why girls end up looking for eyebrow waxing. NKD Laser has the solution for your problems. After all, we know what importance eyebrows have. Our team plucks the hair through their instruments and techniques to make your brows look PERFECT!


NKD Laser values and appreciates beauty; that’s why it comes up with the service of Eyebrow Waxing in Whitby, ON. Beauty is not about skin color but about enhancing your features and being proud of yourself. The team only brushes your brows so that you can be comfortable in yourself and be your true self-confidently.

#1 Eyebrows Bar Serving Whitby, Scarborough, Ajax, Oshawa, ON

After every week, hair grows and makes your brows go out of shape. That’s why you all look for an eyebrows bar near your place.


We have been proudly serving Whitby, Scarborough, Ajax, and Oshawa, Ontario. So whichever area you live in, you can avail our quality eyebrow waxing services!


Our bar aims to help you feel special.


From threading to waxing, you can get all services at one place. Besides, if you want your brows to look bushy and want some extraordinary changes, we have trained staff for microblading and lamination. You just need to give us a call, and we are at your place to pamper you and beautify your features by giving proper and top-notch shape to your brows.

Sugaring vs Waxing

Severe pain of hair pulling out of skin from hands might have made you never go to a salon for waxing and end up with an option to use a razor. However, at NKD Laser, we offer sugaring services as well.


Although the two sound similar, sugaring is less painful than waxing. Your skin would be less itchy, and bumps will be minimum. However, waxing causes irritation and bumps. Besides, the latter won’t bring ingrown hair in front, while the waxing’s side effect is the opposite of sugaring.


What is better, threading or waxing?

Threading gives a perfect shape to your brows, but waxing can swipe off all unwanted hair in less time. However, the ideal way is to ask the specialist to wax the unwanted hairs and then use thread to outline the shape.

What to do after full-face threading?

If your skin is sensitive, be careful. It would be great if you won’t touch your face and avoid other treatments and facials.

What are the benefits of threading?

Threading requires no chemicals. Besides, it is less painful, and your brow shape will be too good because our members treat every hair carefully.