Brazilian Wax Spa – Pickering | Whitby | Ajax, ON

A smooth skin boost confidence of every woman. After all, they feel beautiful in their own skin. NKD Laser has a team of energized people who have expertise in Brazilian waxing that guarantees less pain and desired results.


With the A-one reviews from our old to new customers, we are considered one of the best Brazilian wax spas in Pickering, ON. We stand out in providing exceptional customer service and of course, pulling out hair through wax strips. Thus, you just need to call us, and we are there to give you the desired result and service.

Brazilian waxing services at your doorsteps


Twisting hair out while leaving behind smooth and glamorous skin requires expertise, and our team is master in their field. From eyebrow waxing to butt crack waxing, they have a deep understanding of handling and waxing every body part. Instead of sticking a strip on the body part, the wax specialist gives ears to the customer to know their demands and cater accordingly while ensuring a friendly environment.

Sugar waxing: Best service with less pain


Sugar waxing is less painful than other kinds of waxing; hence, it is the ideal option for people who have sensitive skin. The three-ingredient-made cream will keep your skin soft, letting you feel less pain while, deep inside, it plucks out hair. Unlike other waxing types, sugaring won’t cause irritation. Besides, there would be minimum bumps on your skin after the treatment. Moreover, your ingrown hair won’t be visible after sugar waxing.


Pricing won’t be a problem


We, at NKD Laser, know what is important for you. That’s why our services are cheap, aiming to keep your wallet half-full. Reasonable price is the best model for both of us; it helps you manage your finances as well as lets us guarantee your satisfaction.

Waxing facility for each body part


We get how unwanted hair can be so annoying to you. Removing them through waxing and beautifying your skin with a no-hair-on-skin glow is what ladies obviously want in their beauty regimen. Thus, we let you be the best flawless version of yourself with waxing services that can attend to any of your body parts to help it get rid of unwanted hair. Our waxing service guarantees no ingrown hair on your skin.

Our service areas


NKD Laser provides all kinds of Brazilian wax services in Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa and nearby areas.

We have professionals to remove hair from the entire body part.

Besides, we provide bikini wax services in which you have the option of full bikini line wax as well. Moreover, our clients can choose hard and soft wax as well. Our leg and arm wax is another facility that is availed by most of our clients because of our professionals.



NKD Laser has its branch in Scarborough to connect to you and provide you with impeccable waxing services, guaranteeing that all unwanted hair will be removed while keeping the skin smooth.



Our Pickering’s branch has all the waxing services you need:


Our waxing spa, in Pickering, ON, aims to connect with you to provide all our services that guarantee no harm and pain. The clean environment and experience of our workers make the place a must-visit for waxing services of any kind.



Ajax is our home too


Our office at Ajax has all facilities, from a peaceful environment to less-painful waxing services. Being in the city’s center, all of you can come to us easily.



Oshawa: You all are welcomed at our place


Oshawa is everyone’s love, and we are here to provide you with our services in your town with the help of our staff, whose waxing skills and experience will give you smooth skin and a memorable experience. NKD Laser is the leading Brazilian wax spa in the town that provides all hair removal services.


What is Brazilian wax?

In easy words, Brazilian wax can be defined as a service in which all hair is removed from the genitals and bikini area

What is the difference between Brazilian and bikini wax?

In Brazilian, your entire pubic region will be cleaned, while in bikini wax, the professional will remove only the hair coming out of the underwear or bathing suit. They won’t clean the entire region.

Is Brazilian wax painful?

It depends on your pain tolerance, but usually, it does not make people scream

Is it safe to do Brazilian wax when your skin is susceptible?

If you are facing skin problems, it is suggested to consult your dermatologist first.

More Services

Laser Hair Removal

Elite+ laser system, the best laser hair removal, eliminates the need for shaving or waxing with just a few sessions.


  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Full Face - $45
  • Brows - $20
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $25
  • Upper Lip - $12
  • Chin - $15


  • Brows - $17
  • Brows+Jelly Mask - $22
  • Chin - $12
  • Neck - $15
  • Cheeks - $10